Must reads for understanding and teaching of history

Few of my friends have been asking me to put a list of books on Indian history, which in my 'esteemed' opinion has made seminal contribution to our understanding of our pasts. So here it is - my twenty books on Indian history, a must read for any pretender who claims to be passionate about Indian history and for anyone seeking to know Indian history in all its dynamism, nuances and vibrancy -

1. Culture and civilization of Ancient India in an historical outline - D D Kosambi

2. History of India (Vol 1) - Romilla Thapar

3. Agrarian systems of Mughal India - Irfan Habib

4. Material culture and ancient social formation - R S Sharma

5. History of South India - Nilakanta Shastri

6. R. Champakalakshmi. Trade Ideology and Urbanization: South India 300 BC to AD 1300

7. On history - the history and culture of Karnataka's people - Saki

8. The Mughal State - Sanjay Subhramanyam & Muzaffar Alam (Ed)

9. The intimate enemy - Ashis Nandy

10. Indian nationalism - A derivative discourse - Partha Chatterjee

11. Ecology and Equity - Ramchandra Guha & Madhav Gadgil

12. India's struggle for independence - Bipan Chandra & others

13. Modern India - Sumit Sarkar

14. Social history of Indian architecture - V B Pramar

15. India - a painful transition - Achin Vanaik

16. India's mistaking modernity - Dipankar Gupta

17. Subaltern studies Vol 4 - Ranajit Guha (ed)

18. Social Startification - Dipankar Gupta (ed)

19. Colonialism, property and the state - Dharma Kumar

20. Social Change in modern India - M N Srinivas

(Caveat - As a student of modern indian history, one naturally will see a bias towards the modern period of Indian history. Would like to have your valued feedback and suggestion to expand the number of essential reading beyond 20 books)