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A version on Indian history...

This I got as a forward. Please read it for more than a good laugh. I for one, felt it is in many ways a 'smart' and 'creative' reading and re-reading of India - past and present. It is very similar to the world history post I had published few years back in the humour section. Now could a IX standard kid really do this or someone of the likes of Gautam Bhatia behind it...?? A Brief History of India As written by a Std IX schoolboy, with all the original spellings . The original inhabitants of ancient India were called Adidases, who lived in two cities called Hariappa and Mujhe-na-Darao. These cities had the best drain system in the world and so there was no brain drain from them. Ancient India  was full of myths which have been handed down from son to father. A myth is a female moth. A collection of myths is called mythology, which means stories with female caricatures. One myth says that people in olden times worshipped monkeys because they were our incestor

This is history...from children's examination perspective!!!

From the Telegraph by Bibek Debroy...cannot recall which issue...great fun... This is exam time. At least for school-leaving students. Perhaps that’s the reason an Indian magazine decided to carry “A Concise History of the World”. This is a collation of student bloopers in the United States of America, from eighth grade to college. Through one of the cleverest collations I have ever seen, you have the world’s history. I don’t know how many Indians are familiar with Richard Lederer’s name. He teaches in St Paul’s School, New Hampshire, and is the author of this collation. So successful was this collation that he even expanded it to produce a book titled, Anguished English . One test of success is piracy and the unacknowledged reproduction you are subjected to. Lederer is no different and this Indian magazine doesn’t even mention his name. Now that I have cited him as the author, here is his concise history edited for space.